Everything you need to know about The Essential Diet

In this post, I will explore:

– Eating real food
– The Enemies of your health
– The Essential Diet

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This is the second post of a series of 3, where I’ll explore everything you need to know to build a strong and healthy body. Some of this information you probably already know, some may you don’t. In either case, it is very desirable to read the entire post to align our beliefs. So, let’s start.

The Essential Diet

Eating real food

Industrialized products provide annual billion-dollar profits for their companies, and they are not concerned with nourishing your body, but with designing foods that generate overeating, making people fat and sick.

An obvious example of this is that the executives of the food companies do not consume their products themselves, because they want to be healthy, of course. Current diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes mainly affect disadvantaged people who are not aware of the damage that they are causing to their own health and because of this, are still heavily influenced by advertisements of cheap no nutritional value products.

If today, you are overweight, you probably will not get better results by buying another light product. But it needs only a change in eating habits, to make smarter choices, and in a short time you can enjoy a healthy and strong body, without going through caloric deprivation or develop an exhaustive routine of physical exercises.


The enemies of your health


Rice, cereals, corn, wheat, etc.
The invention of agriculture dates back to 12,000 years ago, which on the evolutionary scale of man is very recent. The human body is not completely adapted and able to digest these foods. The consumption of grains makes it difficult to burn fat, which causes severe health problems (obesity, for example). When refined by the industry, they offer almost no nutritional value.


It is a substance highly used by the industry in its various formats and presentations, from corn syrup to refined white sugar, this chemical began to be consumed without any restriction, as if it were a healthy food, what could not be further from the truth. The body does not need this substance, its intake causes fat storage, appetite disorders, suppresses the immune system, causes inflammation, harmful oxidation in primary cells and organs.

Refined oils

In the recent decades, refined vegetable oils have been the replacement of saturated fat. They cause disorders in cellular health, immune, endocrine and hormonal functions. Oils such as Canola, vegetable oils, margarine and hydrogenated fat (trans), should be completely avoided, as they are highly toxic, are responsible for inflammation and cancer.

The Essential Diet


Fasting, in a nutshell, is the time you spend without eating. Pushing the first meal for later, you give your body the opportunity to get energy through the fat, which provides an effortless weight loss. Eating breakfast prevents this process from happening.

As important as eating is the time you spend without eating. If you still think “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” I suggest you reflect on this: our ancestors certainly did not eat breakfast, they spend a good part of the day chasing what they would eat. Also, the refrigerator is a very recent invention, and before that, people could not have something super fresh to eat upon waking, so there was no breakfast.

In the Essential Diet, we suggest a fasting protocol of 5 to 8 hours. You will only make your first meal, at least 5 hours after waking.

Fasting Benefits:

• Increases metabolism and generate effortless fat burning
• increases mental clarity
• regenerates body cells
• decreases inflammatory processes

Strategic use of caffeine

Drinking coffee during the fasting period is something very powerful! Caffeine stimulates metabolism, inhibits appetite, increases energy levels and mental clarity. But it should be done strategically, only from 2 hours after waking up. If coffee is used within 2 hours, it will have the opposite effect, causing more hunger, rather than inhibiting appetite.

From this 2 hour period, you can have a coffee, whenever you feel hungry, coffee will work as an appetite suppressant and will speed up fat burning processes.

Remembering that the coffee, to which we refer is the black coffee, without milk, without sugar (or any sweetener) or addition of anything, just coffee.

Many people like coffee unpalatable, our recommendation is always the same, look for good coffees and get a good coffee maker, such as an Italian Moka or a French press, coffee is delicious, you just may not know good coffees yet.


Since 2015 when the World Health Organization (WHO) has published a study associating red meat consumption with the occurrence of colorectal cancer, until the recent scandals involving meat distributors, people have been avoiding consuming such food.

It must be said that there was no community, tribe, society, or human group of any kind in the history of man that survived without the consumption of animal origin food.

The idea that it is possible to find all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in the meat, in non-animal foods is entirely new and does not yet have any scientific, theoretical or practical evidence.

The meat contains all the amino acids essential to the human body, besides being rich in iron, zinc, and B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, indispensable for the functioning of the nerve cells of the body.

Vitamin B12 is found exclusively in products of animal origin, such as red meat, fish, pork and eggs.

In the Essential Diet, we recommend eating plenty of red meat, chicken, fish and eggs.


Generally, in today’s diets, the potato is the first food to be eliminated, under the pretext of being poor in nutrients.

But the potato is an essential food for energy supply to the brain. Rich in amino acids, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B, B6 and C. It helps in the prevention of diseases such as depression, convulsions, and cancer.

Potatoes are historically one of the most important culinary cultures in the world and the food base of many communities and generations, one of the most important sources of carbohydrates for our life.


Few substances have been so studied in recent times, like coffee, it is pointed out by many as a cure and prevention for various diseases.

In the Essential Diet, it is strategically used as a metabolic accelerator in the fasting period, which intensifies fat burning and weight loss effortlessly.

It is interesting to note that fasting seems to be related to coffee since its origin. The story goes back to Ethiopia, and its ancestors called Oromo, who used coffee for their energizing properties.

Historians have discovered evidence that coffee was used in monasteries in the early fifteenth century, in the beginning, coffee was used only in religious communities throughout the Islamic world.

There is a legend about the origin of the coffee, that is attributed to al-Shadhili’s disciple, Omar. During his exile in the desert, Omar quickly became hungry and went in search of food, but found only these small berries.

After eating the berries, Omar thought that perhaps the taste would be better if they were toasted in the fire, however, after toasted the grains became hard (impossible to eat), then Omar decided to warm them in the water.

While he drank the hot drink, he felt energized and satisfied. This process theoretically resulted in the coffee we know today.

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