Your Essential Plan – A guide to a healthy life

In this post, I will explore:

– Your Essential Plan
– Fasting, your new morning routine
– Lunch, your first meal, or not
– Dinner or supper, the most important meal

But first…

This is the third post of a series of 3, where I’ll explore everything you need to know to build a strong and healthy body. Some of this information you probably already know, some may you don’t. In either case, it is very desirable to read the entire post to align our beliefs. So, let’s start.

Your Essential Plan

Fasting, your new morning routine

From now on your morning will be very different, nothing to worry about breakfast, to make food, to wash dishes, to leave in a hurry …

You will skip breakfast by following this protocol:
In the first 2 hours, after wake up, just drink water or ginger tea.
After 2 hours, the coffee is allowed, whenever you feel hungry, you can have a coffee.

Lunch, your first meal, or not

Many people that are doing The Essential Diet reported to us that with the time is become easier to extend the fasting and to eat just once a day. So, be watchful, for the time when you will not need more than one meal per day. This is the ideal, so if you can, do that. If not, do your lunch without any restriction just following the practices of the Essential Diet.

Dinner or supper, the most important meal

This is the most important meal of your day, no limitations, no “no eating carbohydrates before bed,” in the Essential Diet you can eat as much as you want until you feel very satisfied, including carbohydrates, which are completely allowed at the dinner.

General information

Try to limit your number of daily meals to one, at most two meals, more than that, stop and reflect, you are doing something wrong. The Essential Diet is about eating big meals at will, if you feel the need to eat more often, it may be because you are not eating to achieve satiety at every meal.

We also noticed the need for more meals, discomfort in fasting and constant hunger in people who tried to consume sugar. Remember, sugar is not allowed in any form in the Essential Diet.

Setting off

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Be smart. Be essential.