What is it?

The Essential Diet is a new way to understand food, nutrition, and health. It is more than just a diet. It is a new lifestyle.


The Essential Diet is built on what is most solid about nutrition today. It is based on an evolutive perspective of food.

So What?

If you want to be a strong and healthy person without the need to think about calories & workouts, consider giving the Essential Diet a try.

We live the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other diseases caused by poor diet. Today, a huge percentage of people can not keep their weight constant and healthy, even if living the many deprivations that the traditional diets impose.


The Essential Diet is our try to spread a new (not that much) way to thinking about food and nutrition. Our intent is to help a large number of people who are suffering from the obesity and diseases related to the poor nutrition, as provide a useful guide for people who just want to eat healthy as well.