1. What if it does not require so much effort to have incredible results in no time?

For who is the Essential Diet?
People who are overweight or not,
who are confused by what is currently said about nutrition,
who is looking for a simple and tasty way to eat and live healthily.

Benefits of the Essential Diet

1 – Eat how much you want and without counting calories
2 – Healthy and permanent weight loss
3 – No workout is needed
+ Health benefits in various aspects

Eating healthy can be Simple, Easy and Delicious.


2. How is it possible?

Did you know that simply delaying the first meal of your day can help you lose weight effortlessly without any workout?

Did you know that coffee, when used strategically works as an appetite suppressant, speeds up the metabolism, providing much more energy and mental clarity?

Did you know that fruits (usually considered as healthy and harmless foods) are rich in sugar (fructose) and that in a weight loss process it is much better to eat an entire chocolate bar (85% cocoa) than the traditional fruits?

The path is to understand how the body works with food, and from there, to be able to make smarter choices.

You can eat as much as you want as long as they are essential foods. There are no caloric limitations. The limitation is the kind of food allowed.

From the salad and green juice to a nice barbecue. Eat like a king (or a queen) every day.

Achieve your results effortlessly.

3. Why support the Essential Diet?

Support the Essential Diet is more than simply pay a certain amount of money every month.

It is joining the revolution that will happen in the coming years in the field of Nutrition.
It is spreading what exist of most solid about Nutrition and Health today.
It is to contribute to the building of a healthier society,
without obesity, diabetes, and diseases related to being overweight.
It is to deliver to people that often have already lost hope of having a beautiful body,
the possibility of achieving this without effort, having an abundant life, full of pleasure.

If you want to know more about how you can support the project,
we have a Patreon Page with pledges starting with just $1/month.
We also provide a lot of material, a private community,
and even a private consulting if you feel the need.

If you want to contact us,
get in touch by support@thessentialdiet.com


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